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I know what you are thinking:

Does having a disability mean I am disadvantaged? 

Does being gay mean I face discrimination? 

Sometimes both—but not all the time. 


- TedX Canberra

Based on real-life events,

Anecdotes of a Disabled Gay is a collection of the shit people say to a thirty-something-year-old disabled gay man. This book will change the way you think about disability and sexuality, one pair of 'magic shoes' at a time!

Also available via
the InHouse Bookstore
$20.00 + postage


Lexi Keelan (Art by Lexi)

Lexi Keelan believes that she was born an artist. It has always been a natural thing for her and ever since she first learned how to hold a pencil, she has been drawing. Lexi creates her art not only for her own enjoyment but to hopefully spark a fond memory or introduce a feeling of whimsy or intrigue. Lexi loves creating other worlds within each of her pieces that the viewer can get lost in and perhaps forget all that is wrong in the world for a moment. Lexi has always been inspired by animated films and the pure genius that is Pixar as well as fairy tales, mythology, Celtic and Viking cultures to name a few.

Over the last couple of years, Lexi has established her art as a little business, Art by Lexi. This has lead her to create commissioned artworks in many different styles and mediums from portraits and illustrations to logos and murals.

When Wayne Herbert contacted Lexi about illustrating his book, Lexi got butterflies in her tummy as the idea of illustrating a book had always been on her to do list and the possibility of that actually happening was very exciting.

After meeting Wayne and hearing about his book, Lexi was so keen to get started and was bursting with ideas. Illustrating this book has been an amazing experience for Lexi as an artist. It has been full of insight, challenges, inspiration and has allowed her to push her boundaries and learn more.

Lexi’s illustrations in the book are intended to be thought provoking but also comedic at times. Lexi hand drew everything using a stylus and tablet while keeping them fairly simple yet colourful. Most of the anecdotes in the book immediately sprung an image into Lexi’s head after reading them. The ones that didn’t, allowed her to reflect on them and think of something clever to go with them. Lexi hopes that with each of Wayne’s words, her illustrations help bring them to life. 

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